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My career as a photographer and videographer allows me to live a life of passion in both creativity and in connection. One of the aspects I look forward to most is meeting new people and fostering relationships with my couples. I am a romantic at heart and believe life is meant to be lived in relationships; with friends, family, and a life-time partner.

So, I am here to be a genuine hype-gal for your story and love, and most importantly, your friend.

Hi, I'm Hannah Simon, The creative behind the biz & I Can't Wait to get to know you!!

all in all, I love being a part of one of the best days of your life; the energy, the emotion, and the love that I get to witness at weddings is priceless. 

I am a one-woman show, which ensures that I am very hands-on throughout the entire process, from meeting you to delivering your final film. I am at every wedding, I never outsource editing, I listen to every snippet of audio and I watch every single clip from your big day. I am here to be fully immersed in your story; my goal as a filmmaker is to capture your love in a way that’s unique to YOU. 

I care deeply about my couples as individuals and what brought you two together. I’m honored to be a wedding filmmaker and I love using my God-given ability to create films that you will cherish for a lifetime. I truly believe this is what I was placed on this earth to do and I’m so grateful that my purpose allows me to meet such amazing people!

As a lil' side note, I think we can all agree how much fun weddings are. If you want someone filming your wedding that is passionate, dedicated, and might throw a “that’s what she said” joke in there every once in a while during portraits, I’m your gal! 

What photography, film, & love mean to me

My mission is to capture your memories in a way that speaks to your Unique story & let's you re-live the moments for a lifetime

The Office
New Girl 
Modern Family
Love Island UK
Bob's Burgers
Abbott Elementary 

My comfort shows

Fav Sport:

Field hockey!

The beach - give me the sun & water!

Happy Place:

Toxic Trait:

Editing until 3am (oops)

Where I want to traveL:


Pizza & Chipotle (for fast food) 

fav food:

Fav artist:

Chris Brown

Psychological thrillers

fav movie genre:

But really, everywhere!

I think I'm on my 100th rewatch of the office now?!

a lil' bit more about my personal life, because I'm a girl of many obsessions

what I'm currently listening too:

Anyone else also vibing to these songs?!

I'd Love to  Hear Your Story

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I love building relationships within the creative media community, whether that be for second shooting, sharing stories, or simply being friends!!

Don't hesitate to connect with me on Insta or use the button below if you'd like to apply to be a second shooter.

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